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After 70 years of pollution: Kishon River to be cleaned
Published at: 20/1/2013 Last Modified at:24/1/2013
Extension of  the Ordinance dealing with Prevention of Smoking in Public Places
Published at: 29/5/2012 Last Modified at:30/5/2012
The Israel Festival, Jerusalem 2012 – May 23rd through June 14th
Published at: 14/5/2012 Last Modified at:15/5/2012
Agritech Israel 2012 - Opens May 15th
Published at: 30/4/2012 Last Modified at:1/5/2012
From April 1st: No Exit Fines for Mobile Customers
Published at: 15/4/2012 Last Modified at:16/4/2012
Returning to Israel – Via a Phone Application
Published at: 4/4/2012 Last Modified at:5/4/2012
Housing Section of Trajtenberg Committee Report - Approved
Published at: 22/3/2012 Last Modified at:23/3/2012 Tweets in English
Published at: 4/3/2012 Last Modified at:5/3/2012
Ministry of Tourism Launches New Website
Published at: 20/2/2012 Last Modified at:21/2/2012
Ministry of Finance Eases Personal Import Taxes
Published at: 5/2/2012 Last Modified at:6/2/2012
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