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Attractions and Activities
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Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is one of the oldest cities in the world and a must for every tourist in Israel, with its special ambiance and dozens of sacred, historical landmarks. The Jerusalem section of the Israel Tourism Portal offers information on the city and its charms, as well as useful information for visitors.
Jewish Themes
Israel, the land of the Bible, is the home for every Jew, where the old customs and commandments of the Torah are reflected in everyday life through Shabbat and the holidays, as well as in scared sites such as the Western wall. This page on the Israel Tourism Portal features a sample itinerary for Jewish visitors in Israel, and information on organizing a bar/bat mitzvah.
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, is one of the most fascinating places on the globe. Its water of rich minerals has made it a year-round attraction for tourists seeking health and relaxation. This section on the Israel Tourism Portal provides useful information for visiting the Dead Sea and the surrounding area.
Haifa is the major city in northern Israel, nestled between the Carmel forests and the Mediterranean. Here you can find all the information about the city, its cultural life and beaches.
Attraction search
Looking for things to see and do in Israel? The attraction search on Israel Tourism Portal will help you find all the interesting sights and activities throughout Israel. You may enter free text and search by the type of activity or attraction, as well as by area.
Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is a vibrant city, the center of Israeli commerce and business, art and culture. Visit the Tel Aviv section of the Israel Tourism Portal for updated information on the city, its beaches, hotels, restaurants and clubs.
Food and restaurants
Here you can read about wining and dining in Israel – a melting pot for many different cultures that offers a culinary feast for all senses, with an endless number of traditional and modern cuisines, colorful markets with fresh produce, top-notch restaurants side by side with popular food stands.
Eilat, situated on the shores of the Red Sea, offers the unique combination between a resort town and desert tourism. This section of the Israel Tourism Portal provides detailed information on the Eilat’s attractions and recommended activities.
Christian sites
Israel has numerous sites of importance to Christianity, from the Old City of Jerusalem to Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee and many other sites around Israel. The Israel Tourism Portal offers an alphabetical list of Christian sites in Israel, including detailed information and references to the scriptures.
Israel’s northern part is the land of forested mountains, valleys and streams, clear blue sea with sandy beaches, modern cities, and plenty of historical spots. This section of the Israel Tourism Portal features information on the attractions of the Galilee and its major cities such as Nazareth, Safed and Acre.
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