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The National Insurance Institute
The National Insurance Institute
The National Insurance Institute of Israel (NII) operates under the National Insurance Law, and aims to provide weak population groups and families, in temporary or long-term difficulties, with a financial basis for subsistence. The National Insurance Institute is further in charge of enforcing other laws and agreements such as the Income Support Law.
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The National Insurance Institute is responsible for the social security of the residents of Israel, and guarantees basic livelihood to those in need. The NII pays a wide range benefits to the eligible: children, aged persons, disabled, unemployed, injured workers, and many more.
Insurance and Collection
The National Insurance Institute collects insurance contributions from all residents above the age of 18 (with some exceptions) in accordance with their income level, and pays benefits to those entitled. The NII is additionally responsible for the collection of health insurance contributions under the National Health Insurance Law, and transfers these amounts to the various sick funds.
The National Insurance Institute forms are used for submitting benefit claims and in additional cases such as insurance and collection. The forms are in PDF format, conveniently organized by target population and predominantly available in Hebrew.
You may use the National Insurance Institute website to order authorizations of benefits and payments. The authorizations will be sent by post, to the address that appears in the NII files.
Services and Branches
The National Insurance Institute's goal is to offer better service to the public. To achieve that the NII operates call-centers, self service stations, on-line payment services and takes additional measures to ensure maximum accessibility.
The calculator tool will assist you in estimating the allowance to which you are entitled. The exact sum will be determined by the claims officer at your local NII branch, subsequent to claim submission. forum forum

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