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Independence Day and Remembrance Day
Victims of Wars and Terrorism
  The brave soldiers and citizens, who gave their lives for their country, are always in our hearts. Many organizations are devoted to the support and aid of disabled soldiers, families of fallen soldiers, and victims of terrorism
The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization

The IDF Widows and Orphans Organization provides funds to assist the diverse needs of the widows and orphans of Israel’s fallen servicemen and lend support to their readjustment to daily life.

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Organization for the Emotional Support of Girlfriends of Fallen Soldiers

A non-profit organization of support groups for girlfriends and Fiancé's of IDF soldiers who were killed during their service. The organization is set out to help them cope with the tragedy and rehabilitate themselves.

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The NAVAH Organization assists terror victims and helps them rebuild their lives. NAVAH'S mission is to provide an accessible way for people worldwide to support terror survivors in Israel.

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Tzahal Disabled Veterans Organization

Tzahal Disabled Veterans Organization objectives are:
 To improve the quality of life of disabled IDF veterans
 To safeguard their legal rights
 To promote their interests through legislation or via economic and social measures

The organization fosters the full reintegration of the veterans into society by establishing sports and rehabilitation centers and offers a comprehensive range of services to its members.

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NATAL is a non-profit, non-affiliated and a-political association. It was founded out of the realization that victims of national psycho trauma are a special need group, different from victims of other types of trauma.

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