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  Have a particular field of interest? Want to explore a specific field? Israel is a fascinating mix of spheres, tastes and expressions. You may explore Israeli food, arts and cultural life, local religious sites, therapeutic resorts, archaeological treasures and much more.
Art and Culture

Israel has a dynamic and enthusiasts culture life namely visual art, music, dance and theater. The Arts section on the Israel Tourism Portal provides information on Israel’s wide variety of cultural attractions.

 Israeli Culture – Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Being a melting pot for many different cultures and ethnicities, Israel offers a culinary feast for all senses, with an endless number of traditional and modern cuisines, colorful markets with fresh produce, top-notch restaurants abreast popular food stands.

 Food in Israel
 The Israeli Cuisine

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Religion and Worship

Israel, The Holy Land, is an important center for all three monotheistic religions and home to other ethnic groups.  Many sites of interest are found across the country, and are visited and explored by members of all faiths.

 Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel
 Christian tours to Israel
 List of Christian sites

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Health Tourism

Israel has many resorts with therapeutic value as well as spa hotels offering a relaxing break from everyday life. The leading area for health tourism is the Dead Sea, offering multitude of natural resources that benefit both body and soul. Additional spa resorts are found near the Sea of Galilee and in the central area of the country.  

 Health tourism in Israel
 The Dead Sea Research Center

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Israel is heaven for those who wish to take a journey to the past. Plenty of archaeological treasures are scattered throughout the country, including the ancient cities such as Jerusalem and the Roman Caesarea, fascinating worship sites in the Galilee, underground habitats in the Judean foothills, and mysterious caves and shelters in the desert.

 Israel’s Archeological Treasures
 Archaeological Sites in Israel 
 Israel Antiquities Authority

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