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  This section features useful tourist information required before and during your visit to Israel:  tourist information offices, accommodation options, maps, weather, money, health and more.
Tourist information centers

The Ministry of Tourism operates over 20 tourist information offices throughout Israel.

 Tourist Information Offices

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Israel offers a wide range of accommodations possibilities for all budgets, from motels and guesthouses to luxury hotels and pastoral country lodgings.

The Accommodation section in the Israel Tourism Portal enables you to look for lodging possibilities. You can also search for a hotel using the Israel Hotel Association website, or find a hostel in the Israel Youth Hostel Association website.

For additional information on accommodation in every area, turn to the Where to go section of this guide.

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The Ministry of Tourism features online maps of major cities and pilgrimage sites in a user-friendly PDF format that can be downloaded or printed. Eye on Israel website presents interactive maps of Israel and its major cities, including tourist attractions, accommodation possibilities, geographical information and a historical atlas. Hard copy maps of Israel, including city maps, road maps, touring and hiking maps are available for online purchase on the Ministry of Housing and Construction's website.

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Shopping and Currency

The currency in Israel is the New Israeli Shekel (NIS, or just “shekel”), divided into 100 Agorot. For updated exchange rates visit the Bank of Israel website.

A wide variety of currencies can be exchanged in numerous Change bureaus located in major tourist areas in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities, some of which are open around the clock.

Bank branches are open during the morning (Sunday-Thursday), as well as during the afternoon (2-3 days a week). Some branches are also open on Fridays. You can withdraw money in Shekels or foreign currency from ATMs 24 hours a day.

Most stores are open from 9am or 10am to 7pm or 8pm on weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) and from 9am to 2pm on Friday. Stores are generally closed on Saturdays, except for some shopping outlets. Small supermarkets operate around the clock in major cities, especially in Tel Aviv.

 Additional information on money and currency
 Shopping in Israel

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Health Care and Emergency Services

Israel has modern, highly developed healthcare facilities. You can get medical service in hospitals throughout Israel or dial 101 in case of emergency. Some cities have 24 hours pharmacies and drugstores service.

No vaccinations are required before visiting the country. Make sure that you have valid health insurance before departing. It is recommended to carry water with you at all times and drink often, especially during spring and summer when it gets quite hot.  Tap water are safe to drink.

In case of emergency, contact:
Medical Services: dial 101
Israel Police: dial 100.
Fire Department: dial 102.

A Tourist Police Office operates on the Tel Aviv beachfront, at the corner of Herbert Samuel Street and Geula Street. Dial 03-5165382 in case of emergency.

 Information from the Israel Tourism Portal

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Disabled travelers

The Israeli authorities strive to make every sight and service accessible to the disabled. Special emphasis is placed on tourist sites, and they are constantly adjusted to meet the needs of the disabled. The Access Israel website features detailed information for disabled travelers, including accessible sights, trips, accommodation and transportation.

 Additional information from the Israel Tourism Portal

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Getting around is Israel quite simple. Buses are widely used both in and between cities, and will get you to almost every corner of the country, though some of the more remote attractions are more accessible by car. A convenient train service operates between major cities, as well as domestic flights to the southern city of Eilat.

 Getting to and from Ben Gurion Airport
 Israel Railways
 Bus Services
 Car Rental
 Taxi Service
 Domestic Flights

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Driving in Israel

New immigrants (Olim), tourists and returning Israeli residents (who lived abroad for at least one whole year) may use their foreign driver’s license while driving in Israel. Use of foreign license is permitted for one year from the day of arrival; provided you drive the type of vehicle specified in the license and that you have reached the required age. In case of repeated entries and departures, each case will be evaluated on its merits.

 Vehicle Lisence Rebewal- Guide

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