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  Almost all international airlines have regular flights to Israel. Most visitors arrive at Israel via Ben Gurion Airport, conveniently located within half an hour drive from both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Some visitors combine Israel in their Middle East tour and arrive by land from Jordan or Egypt. On Israel’s long shoreline are several ports and marinas to accommodate those who wish to arrive by sea.
Visas and Passports

Visitors to Israel must hold a passport valid for at least another six months. Tourists can stay in Israel for up to three months, after which they may apply for an extension.

Nationals of most countries in America and Europe, as well as in several other countries, are not required to apply for a visa in advance, and are issued a tourist visa free of charge at every port of entry to Israel.

 Detailed visa information
 Application for entry visa to Israel (online form – requires download)
 General application for entry visa to Israel (online form – requires download)

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Arriving by Sea

Several shipping lines offer scheduled sailings from Europe to Haifa Port. You can also travel to Israel by sea with a Mediterranean cruise that stops in Israel, or with a private yacht, which requires a prior reservation.

 Information on sea travel including a list of marinas

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Arriving by Land

Tourists often enter and depart from Israel through its borders with Egypt and Jordan. There are three border crossings between Israel and Jordan: one near Eilat, one near Jericho and Jerusalem, and one near Bet-She’an and the Sea of Galilee. The border crossing with Egypt is located near Eilat. The border terminals are under the supervision of the Israel Airports Authority.

 Travel to Israel by land

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Arriving by Air

Israel’s major international airport is Ben Gurion Airport, located 20km from Tel Aviv and 40km from Jerusalem. The airport international terminal (terminal 3) is considered to be one of the most modern air terminals in the world, handling the majority of international flights to and from Israel.

 Air travel to Israel
 Israel Airports Authority

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Procedures at Points of Entry

Certain procedures apply upon entering Israel and leaving the country, including passport control and customs, check-in and security checks.

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