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  Welcome to Israel, a land of many contrasts, landscapes and people; a country a little over  60 years old, in a land thousands of years rich in human history.. This section highlights useful information about Israel’s geography and history, its peoples, its spoken languages, local climate and more.
Geography & Nature

Israel is a small country - a little over 20,000 square kilometers. However, its location, at the meeting point of three continents and two seas, brings about unique geographical features: a long, urbanized coastal plain, and a mountain area stretching throughout the country, ranging from evergreen mountains in the North to a desert in the South.

 Geography and Nature - Israel Tourism Portal
 Interactive map and atlas of Israel
 Detailed geographical information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Israel typically enjoys classic Mediterranean weather, with long, sunny summers and mild winters. The country’s geographical diversity generates several climate areas. Summers are quite hot and humid in the coastal plain, but cooler in the mountains. Winters are rainy in the mountains but almost entirely dry in the desert.

 Detailed information on climate in Israel Israel Tourism Portal
 The Israel Meteorological Service

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The Middle East and Israel, the Holy Land to three religions, are widely termed "The Cradle of Civilization". The known history of the Land of Israel goes back thousands of years, with the rise and fall of numerous empires and cultures. Israel abounds with archaeological and architectural remains, making it a prime tourist destination

 The history of the Land of Israel Israel Tourism Portal
 Detailed history of Israel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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With over 7 million inhabitants, Israel is a fascinating array of cultures, religions, beliefs and traditions. Over 75% of the population comprises of Jews from diversified Jewish backgrounds. The Arab population comprises just under 20% of the total population and includes, for the most part, Sunnite Moslems.

 People in Israel - the Israel Tourism Portal

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Israel has 2 official languages: Hebrew and Arabic. Hebrew is the primary language and is spoken by the majority of the population. Many people can communicate freely in English.  Russian is also quite commonly used due to the massive immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union during the 1990’s. Signposts are written Hebrew and English, and in most cases in Arabic as well.

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